Franchise Support

Professional janitorial services franchises are made stronger by their connection to the franchise family. Franchise consulting isn't just sharing a common name and advertising with other franchisees.

The MULTICORP professional janitorial services franchise consulting program was designed with you in mind. To reinforce our dedication, each franchisee can expect solid support from MULTICORP - features and support mechanisms to help you in establishing, managing, and operating your commercial cleaning business. MULTICORP's franchise consulting will guide you step by step.


MULTICORP believes in training and education for the long term. MULTICORP trainers meticulously focus on business administration, sales and marketing, plus operational procedures in classroom sessions. Then your skills will be honed with extensive on-the-job training. MULTICORP trainers don't simply hand you a video and say "watch this". We truly care about the quality with which a task is completed.

To help you further your business abilities and cleaning skills, MULTICORP will provide a representative to assist you, as you begin operating your professional janitorial services business.

Franchise Operations Manual

You will receive the MULTICORP professional janitorial services franchise operations manual. This manual details the entire MULTICORP system in reference-tool format. It's simple to use, with easy-to-find topics. Guidelines to help you establish, manage, and operate your business, as well as information on a variety of personnel issues, daily operating procedures, and marketing and advertising strategies are all included. Much of the manual centers on MULTICORP's cleaning procedures and customer-procuring techniques.

Sales and Marketing Techniques

There is a lot more to recruiting clients than a simple request for business. We will prepare you to proactively look for new and additional accounts, up-sell current clients, and continue to assess and reassess client needs.

MULTICORP has prepared numerous franchise consulting materials that will support you in advertising and promoting the MULTICORP name and service. These materials will also support system recognition as the franchise family grows. We'll even help you with the bidding process, until you are very familiar with it.

Sources of Supply

MULTICORP will provide you with a list of sources for equipment, supplies, and other items necessary for the operation of your professional janitorial services franchise.

Ongoing Research and Development

MULTICORP will continue to research new methods and techniques to improve franchise operations and to remain on the forefront of the commercial-cleaning industry.

MULTICORP Cleaning Website

MULTICORP provides you with a corporate website, located at -- Take a look and check it out!

Online Franchisee Support

As a MULTICORP franchisee, you will have online support on the MULTICORP Franchising website -- With this 7-day per week/24 hour per day tool, you will not have to wait to get your business done. You will be able to click on the Franchisee Support link to view and print forms, look at our latest news and training dates, create custom bids for new jobs, view and evaluate all of your previous bids to help you more efficiently bid future jobs, and more. This website will be expanded regularly to help you win and retain your customers. Once you are a franchisee, you can click on the Franchisee Login button at the top right of this website to access these important tools with your own private passcode.