Conversion Cleaning Franchise

This type of franchise opportunity is for people who are already professional cleaners and own their own commercial cleaning business. MULTICORP understands the difficulties facing small professional cleaners, who sometimes have a lack of support or lack of money for advertising, marketing; or who are finding it hard to compete.

That's why the conversion franchise opportunity is perfect for small professional janitorial services firms, or commercial cleaning firms. We'll convert your business to the MULTICORP franchise system. Once you join the MULTICORP team, we provide full training in business administration, sales and marketing, plus operational procedures.

We conduct ongoing research and development to research new techniques and methods to improve franchise operations.

We also provide you with a corporate web site,

As a MULTICORP franchisee, you will have online support through the MULTICORP Franchising web site. Support is available 24/7. Visit our Franchise Support page for more on how MULTICORP will help you make the most of your franchise opportunity.

As a conversion franchisee, you will still be required to complete the initial MULTICORP training and ongoing training each year. The typical time between signing the franchise agreement and opening day of your new MULTICORP franchise is 60 days. The franchise term is for ten years, so you want to make sure you're in this for the long haul.

Conversion Franchise Fee

    You pay a lump sum franchise fee when you sign the Franchise Agreement and Conversion Agreement for a conversion franchise as follows:

  1. If your business has monthly sales between $2,000 to $2,999, the franchise fee is $4,600;
  2. If your business has monthly sales between $3,000 to $3,999, the franchise fee is $4,025;
  3. If your business has monthly sales between $4,000 to $4,999, the franchise fee is $3,450;
  4. If your business has monthly sales over $5,000, the franchise fee is $2,875;
  5. Otherwise, the franchise fee is uniform.

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